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Immunisation is a safe and effective way of protecting you and your child against serious diseases.
Immunisation protects you from harmful diseases before you come into contact with them. It uses your body’s natural defences to build resistance to specific diseases. If you come into contact with that disease in the future, your immune system remembers it, and responds quickly to prevent the disease from developing.
After immunisation, you are far less likely to catch the disease you have been immunised against. If you do catch the disease, your illness will be less severe. Your recovery will be quicker than an unimmunised person’s recovery.
The purpose of immunisation is to prevent people from acquiring infections and to protect them against the short and longer-term complications of those infections, which can include chronic illnesses, such as cancer, and death. 
Vaccines work by stimulating the body’s defence mechanisms against infection. These defence mechanisms are collectively referred to as the immune system. Vaccines mimic and sometimes improve on the protective response normally mounted by the immune system after an actual infection. The great advantage of immunisation over natural infections is that immunisation has a much lower risk of adverse outcomes.

                                                                        Vaccination Schedule



Oral Polio Vaccine zero dose

Hepatitis B Vaccine birth dose

6 weeks

DTwP/DTap  1st dose

IPV/OPV      1st dose

Hepatitis B 1st dose

HIB   1st dose

Rotavirus  1st dose

PCV    1st dose

10 weeks

DTwP/DTap  2nd dose

IPV/OPV      2nd dose

Hepatitis B 2nd dose

HIB   2nd dose

Rotavirus  2nd dose

PCV    2nd dose

14 weeks

DTwP/DTap  3rd dose

IPV/OPV      3rd dose

Hepatitis B 3rd dose

HIB   3rd dose

Rotavirus  3rd dose

PCV    3rd dose

6 monthInfluenza 1st dose
7 monthInfluenza 2nd dose
9 month


MMR 1st dose

10 monthTyphoid Conjugate Vaccine
1 YrHepatitis A 1st dose

15 month

MMR    2nd dose

Chickenpox  1st dose

16 monthPCV booster 
18 month

DTwP/DTap   1st Booster

IPV/OPV      Booster

HIB   Booster

19 monthHepatitis A    2nd dose
2 yrTyphoid Conjugate Vaccine
4.5 to 5 yr

DTwP/DTap  2nd Booster

OPV booster

MMR 3rd dose

Chickenpox 2nd dose

10 Yr


HPV( only for female) , two doses at interval of 6 month

After 9 month